10 Jul 2021

What is Variable Interest Rate?

How to Get a Good Home Loan Rate When You Have Bad Credit

When you obtain a loan, the loan’s interest rate charge will be fixed or variable. Loan specialists evaluate your application, and the underwriting department agrees to fund the financing. The loan packet outlines the final loan terms. Before agreeing to them it’s important to practice fiscal responsibility. Understanding the contract’s main points, such as the interest rate charge, demystifies its components.

Variable interest rate loans are the opposite of fixed-rate loans. The variable option allows recipients to pay off the debt sooner without penalties. The economic situation of 2008 caused some Australians to swear off variable rates on any debt products. 

In 2021, individuals have options to offset portions of their interest rate charges. Offset and toggle accounts are two examples. Plus, Mortgage House offers online tools, such as the mortgage repayment calculator, to further help applicants understand interest rates.

The Reserve Bank of Australia plays a role in monthly interest rates. If there’s a change, up or down, your lender shifts their rates too. When interest rates rise, your monthly repayment amount rises, and vice versa if they drop.  

Variable Interest Rate Conclusion

A variable interest rate loan offers freedom and risk. Recipients can pay the loan off early without penalty. The trade-off is the unpredictability of changing interest rates. If you watch the news or follow financial trends, you’ll hear financial industry insiders discuss potential upcoming rate changes. Our loan specialists at Mortgage House keep up with the trends too. They offer applicants some guidance about the pros and cons.

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