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Does Mortgage House offer home loan mortgages that are suitable for me?

At Mortgage House we offer a range of mortgages, no matter your stage in life. If you’re a first home buyer, or someone looking for their second or third home, we have options that can suit your needs and your financial situation. Our experienced lenders can also assist you if you are building a home, or even if you are renovating you current home. We also have a range of mortgages to offer you if you want to relocate and keep the same home loan, and if you are self-employed and find it difficult to fulfil all the normal paperwork requirements of a home loan.

What home loan options can I choose from?

Providing suitable mortgages for most financial and personal situations is what we pride ourselves on, and we have about 13 different home loan types that can help you realise our property dreams. We have a range of variable and fixed rate mortgages for most situations, as well as specialised mortgages for construction, for those who have a small deposit, or don’t have a lot of documentation. Our bridging loans and interest-only loans can help you when you need them, as can our line-of-credit loans. If you are struggling to choose between variable or fixed loans, we also have mortgages for you, allowing you to split your loan or toggle between the two, and offset it with a special account. And if you need some help from your family, we also have mortgages for you to choose from.


How do I choose between all the interest rates?

When it comes to interest rates, there are two kinds of mortgages – fixed loans and variable loans. With fixed rate mortgages, your interest rate will be fixed over an agreed term, usually up to 10 years. Over that time, your interest rate will not move. At the end of the fixed term, your loan can revert back to a standard variable loan. Variable mortgages mean your interest rate can rise and fall over the life of the loan, depending on a number of factors. Those factors can be external, such as the state of the national or international economy. Those factors can also be internal to your bank or lender, such as how much it costs them to deliver the loan to you. Bear in mind there can also be fees and charges attached to your loan, and it always pays to be aware of how they work, and when you may have to pay them. A good way to understand how this might affect your loan over its life is to look at the comparison rate. Banks and lenders are required by law to display a comparison rate, which can give you an indication of the impact of fees and charge on your overall costs and repayments.

How can a mortgage calculator help me choose the right loan?

A key part of looking for the best mortgages for you is finding out how much you may be able to borrow, and what the repayments may be. We have a range of calculators that can help you do just that. Borrowing calculators can be an important first step when you are looking for a new home, or looking to build a new home. These figures are estimates, but can help give you a picture of what you might be pre-approved for. From here, you can take the next steps. Repayment calculators can give you an idea of what the repayments on mortgages for you may be, and how much interest will make up your repayments. This can give you an idea, with your current budget in mind, whether the repayments are manageable. We also have calculators which can help you if you are looking to switch home loans, and calculators that can give you a quick look at the best rate loan options available. We also have budget and stamp duty calculators, which can arm you with a lot of information to help with your decision making.

What happens when I find the best mortgage for me?

Once you have looked through the calculators and decided on the type of mortgage you want to look at further, our expert lenders can work to find you a range of different home loan options. You can choose from the options we provide, or use our brokerage service. We can walk you through the documents you need to apply for a loan, and we even have a checklist to make it easy. If you are looking for pre-approval for an investment property, finding suitable mortgages for you is just the first step. We also offer a property investment solution service, and can help you with decisions as you aim to meet your property investment goals.