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About Variable Rate Home Loans

When it comes to saving money, our variable interest home loan can potentially leave more money in your pocket and it provides the opportunity to pay off your mortgage faster.

Variable home loans can be of two types: basic and standard. A standard variable home loan is more full-featured and gives you additional features:

  • Redraw & offset facilities
  • Ability to make extra repayments
  • The option to split your loan.

At Mortgage House, we offer both types of loans and you can compare our range of variable-rate mortgages below.


  • The variable home loan interest rate is generally lower than that of a fixed rate mortgage

  • Your actual home loan repayments will normally be lower than for a fixed rate mortgage

  • You can usually make extra repayments without penalty with a variable interest rate, which gives you more flexibility

  • You usually have access to a redraw facility on variable home loans, which further reduces your interest payments


  • Attractive introductory interest rates are usually only available on new variable interest rate home loans

  • Your regular repayment amount is not fixed, which brings uncertainty when it comes to budgeting for mortgage payments

Our Variable Rate Home Loans

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