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Buying your next home is easy with Mortgage House. A Mortgage House home loan offers you the best solution whether you are looking to upgrade, downsize or just need a change of scenery.

Types of Second Home Buyer Loans

Variable Home Loans

Fixed Home Loans

Split Home Loans

Construction Loans

Our Mortgage House Home Specialists will explain all of the details you need to know before buying your second property. We will walk you through each step of the pre-approval process and help you:

  • Determine how much you can borrow
  • Calculate your monthly payment amount
  • Choose the best loan product to fit your needs.

Now that you’ve learned how much you can spend, you’ll be able to search for a home you can afford to enjoy.

Your Mortgage House Home Loan Specialist can help you evaluate the property you’ve fallen in love with and provide a free property report.

If it is a good value and solid investment, we’ll guide you through the offer process.

Once you decide that this home is “the one,” you’ll need to make a formal offer to buy the property. You’ll want to make your offer contingent on final approval of your mortgage application and a property inspection.

Try to negotiate ten days to accomplish both, instead of the standard five. If the buyer accepts the terms of your offer, we will move forward and prepare the loan documents for your settlement date.

As a second home buyer, what home loans are right for me?

If you are a second home buyer, then you may have access to more mortgage loans than you think, given the possibility of built-up equity in your current home. Whether it be fixed rate, variable rate, or a range of other options, we have access to the same resources as traditional brokers, and can find the right loan for you. If you are a second home buyer, and want to snap up your perfect home, but haven’t sold your current home yet, one of the products we offer is a bridging loan. A bridging loan can give you the opportunity of not waiting around for your current home to sell, and still signing up to your new home. The way it works is by using the collateral of both your homes, which makes sense, until your original home is sold. Bridging loans are interest-only loans, but the interest rate can be quite high, because you will be paying it on both housing loans. However, you are paying for the convenience, and the ability to grab your dream home before someone else does. We really do pride ourselves on helping you buy your dream home, and we have the tools and the experience to help you compare mortgage loans quickly, and find the one best suited to your needs.

How do I manage loans to find my next home?

Looking for your next home, but not too sure what it will look like, or how to go about it? Maybe you sort of know what you want, but want to have a look at what is out there. But how do you know how much you can spend? As a second home buyer, this can be tricky, especially if you haven’t dealt with a bank or lender in a while. Finding out what mortgage loans are available can be a lot of work, but we can do all the hard work for you, especially if you want to know how much you have to spend. You can start with our mortgage loan calculator, to find out how much you might be able to borrow. We can even arrange pre-approval of your loan, for free. Just leave your details with us, and it will take minutes. We will call you and run through a quick question and answer session. From there, we can email you a Pre-Approval Certificate with the loan amount on it, which will be valid for three months. That’s a great piece of paper to go house-shopping with.

Dont wait to buy property

What is the best Australian mortgage loan for my family?

As a second home buyer, you will probably have a fair idea how mortgage loans work in Australia. The Global Financial Crisis showed us how robust our banking system is. While people around the world were being offered loans they couldn’t afford when things got tough, the Australian lenders were, for the most part, a shining light. With such a robust system, and having access to a range of lenders, we can offer you mortgage loans that can help you move into your second home quicker than you think. Alongside our variable rate and fixed rate mortgage loans, we can offer split mortgage loans, toggle offset mortgage loans, portable loans, even interest-only mortgage loans. We also have low deposit and low doc options, as well as mortgage loans for those who can provide a pledge from their family to help out. Even if you have had bad credit in the past, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to take out a home loan. There are conditions with all loans, so check in with us about your situation and we can make sure you get the Aussie fair go.

How do I know if my current home is suiting my needs?

Are you happy with your current home? Is it big enough for your growing family? Are you realising when you all sit in the lounge room together things are a bit crowded? Perhaps squeezing past one another in the bathroom every morning is getting a bit annoying? These are situations those looking to become a second home buyer can confront regularly. Is the answer to renovate, or move on? Will renovating be a good investment? Are you likely to get out what you put into it when it does come time to sell? Is your home more about providing a space for your family than a long-term investment? If you want to renovate, we can help you out with mortgage loans that can turn your current home into your dream home. Alternatively, if you are serious about becoming a second home buyer to give your family the space it needs immediately, and give you the investment you deserve, then our award-winning lending process can be there for you every step of the way.

When I the right time to think about buying a second home?

Becoming a second home buyer can be a big step. Perhaps you need more space and are looking to upsize. Maybe you don’t require a large house anymore and you want to downsize. Perhaps it is both; downsizing by building a dual occupancy home to give you income as well as a home that is more suited to just the two of you. Our second home buyer mortgages can make a big difference to the decision you make. We focus on competitive rates, products that are diverse, and a level of customer service that is unheard of in the industry. With all that behind us, you can be assured that Mortgage House can be the right choice for you.

Our Second Home Buyer Loans

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