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About Bridging Home Loans

A bridging loan was created to act as a solution for those who want to buy a new property while still waiting for their existing one to sell. It conveniently gives you the opportunity of not waiting around for your current property to sell in order to be able to say ‘yes’ to your dream home.

How this loan works in a practical sense is we will use both properties as collateral until such time that the existing property is sold. These are interest-only loans and the interest rate can be relatively high as you will be paying it on two properties until such time that your old home is old.

Compare our bridging mortgage interest rates and product features below.


  • Bridging loans can normally be arranged in a shorter period of time

  • Relatively little documentation is required to set up a bridging loan

  • A bridging loan is useful when you're in the process of purchasing your next home while waiting for your current one to settle


  • Bridging loans are typically more expensive than other mortgage types due to the increased risk to the lender

  • Additional fees and costs may be incurred with a bridging loan, which get amortised over a shorter period of time