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About Low Doc Home Loans

‘Low doc’ is short for low documentation home loan. It is suitable for the self employed and anyone else who is unable to provide full financial statements or other evidence of income when applying for a loan.

This type of loan is a flexible financial solution that can help you obtain a mortgage if you are a business owner, contractor or freelancer. With a low-doc loan, you have the option of ‘self-certifying’ your income without needing to provide proof of employment as you would with most other loan types. However, you still have to have a good credit history and this will be assessed.

Interest rates and repayment amounts also tend to be higher to compensate the lender for the increased risk.

Compare our low doc mortgage interest rates and product features below.


  • Less paperwork required during the home loan application process.

  • The application process for a low doc home loan is quicker for the self employed than a full doc home loan.

  • Interest rate discounts may apply after a period of successful home loan repayments.


  • The interest rate and repayment amounts are higher than a full doc home loan.

  • Lenders Mortgage Insurance is normally required when taking out a low doc home loan, which adds to the cost.