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Cash When You Need It Most

Whatever your needs, whether it’s to accomplish a lifelong dream or to cover an emergency, we’re here to help. Our personal loans are quick and easy, and come with loads of interest-saving features.

Why Choose a Mortgage House Personal Loan

Take a month off

Need to help with your cash flow? Easy. Take a month off with the flexibility of our fail-safe redraw facility when you’ve made extra repayments.

Borrow a little extra

Get the funds you need and add a little more to your loan to make the most of the extra cash. Spend on what you like or let it act as a cushion if costs go over.

24-hour approvals

When you have all your documents and your application ready to go, we won’t hold you up - you could get your personal loan ready to pay for those important life moments.

Bundle and save even more

Mortgage House customers benefit from discounted low rates, and you can too. When you take out a personal loan, we can offer great discounts on our home loans if you're looking to refinance or purchase a new home.