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Having a bad credit score doesn’t mean that you’re not able to get into your own home. It just means that you will have to approach lenders outside of the big banks.

At Mortgage House, we understand that people can find themselves in all sorts of financial circumstances and we have a mortgages to help. The process of applying for a ‘bad credit’ home loan is a little more involved than for a traditional loan.

If your credit history is not great then you will generally have to have a larger deposit and the rates will be higher than for other mortgage types. You will also have to check that all of your outstanding debts are paid prior to submitting the application.

However, a ‘bad credit’ mortgage presents a real opportunity for you to get your finances back on track and own your own home.

We offer an extensive range of Bad Credit Loans. Contact us today to discuss your fully tailored product, and get into the property market!


  • Get a home loan even if you've been turned down by big banks or lenders due to your credit history

  • A 'bad credit' home loan can be your fresh start in order to get your financial situation back on track


  • Often, interest rates will be much higher than for a traditional type of home loan