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✔ Know your numbers ✔ Be clear on the process ✔ Stay Well Informed
✔ Know your true borrowing capacity ✔ Create a detailed budget ✔ Prioritise pre-approval
✔ Seek flexible loan features ✔ Compare multiple home loans ✔ Find the right property
✔ Verify you builder ✔ Stay on schedule ✔ Manage your money
✔ Find the best investment loan ✔ Research the property & area ✔ Perform due diligence
✔ Calculate your equity ✔ Compare loans before refinancing ✔ Get professional written quotes
✔ Compare a range of loans ✔ Choose a loan with extra features ✔ Know your numbers
✔ Don’t wait to consolidate ✔ Choose a low-rate loan ✔ Be smart with savings