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Multiple loan solutions

+ -
  • Prime loans with one of the best competitive rates in the industry
  • Diverse products designed for all walks of life
  • Consideration of non-standard income types
  • Solutions for challenging financial histories
  • Borrowing considerations for niche investors
  • Catering to non-resident and expats working overseas**
  • Diversify your offering with non-standard loans including SMSF, personal and commercial loans

Market-leading innovation

+ -
  • Creative consolidation options
  • Specialised tools for registered branches
  • Online application filled by the customer, saving paperwork
  • Customers can upload documents, streamlining the process
  • Inbuilt credit history search
  • Ordering valuation for less work and more business

Catering to customer’s needs

+ -
  • Fair calculation of household expenses
  • Tax-efficient borrowing solutions
  • Realistic qualifying criteria
  • Solutions for all types of customers
  • Easy email support to discuss scenarios for branches
  • On-call support available
  • Holistic case-by-case assessment

Putting Branches First

More Approvals, Less Effort

Our focus is on serviceability and clever borrowing capacities tailored to your customers’ needs, and that means faster approvals and the potential to grow your business, now and in the future.

  • Access award-winning super-low rate loans previously unavailable to branches
  • Fast turnaround time for approvals on loan scenarios and applications
  • We do all the work for you, so you can concentrate your efforts on building your business

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Our Loans

Every customer is different. We consider every application carefully to provide the best solution available.

First Home Buyer + -

Benefits for you:

Leverage our first home buyer solutions to move more customers from application to approval.

  • Faster combo applications for family pledge loans, giving you access to two customers at once
  • Process more loans, with the confidence that you’ll always find a solution for your customers
  • Provide smarter options with pre-tax income considerations

Benefits for your customer:

Our loan features are designed to help first home buyers own their property sooner.

  • Family pledge – smart loan options
  • Low deposit options available to your customer to own their home sooner
  • Pre-tax income considerations for clever buying capacities

Benefits for you:

Make your workload lighter when dealing with experienced customers.

  • Faster approvals with competitive prime loans
  • Let your experienced customer do the work for you – they can apply online and upload documents through our system
  • Holistic case-by-case assessment will provide the best loan option for your customers

Benefits for your customer:

We can help second home buyers own their property sooner with low rates, online tools and flexible options.

  • Award-winning super-low rates with faster approvals for experienced borrowers
  • Innovative online application to help make owning a second home a smooth process
  • Our flexible loan products will help your customers get the right solution for their needs

Benefits for you:

Increase your investor customer base with our smart loan solutions.

  • Clever solutions for investment gearing
  • Help your customers increase their investment portfolio
  • Offer your customers greater borrowing capacity

Benefits for your customer:

Our special features can help your customers achieve their goals of property investment.

  • Greater rental considerations for increased serviceability
  • Portfolio-friendly considerations
  • Larger borrowing capacity for multiple properties

Benefits for you:

Get the competitive edge and process refinancer loans with confidence

  • Impress your customers with competitive new loan offerings
  • Provide solutions for your customer’s changing circumstances
  • Competitive refinance solutions for all loan purposes

Benefits for your customer:

We can help your refinancer customers get a better deal.

  • Competitive rates for new customers to challenge their existing funder
  • Dollar-for-dollar refinance available, even with high LVR considerations
  • Also available for multiple loan purposes including investment, personal and car loans

Benefits for you:

Unlock a traditionally difficult customer base with our loan solutions.

  • Gain new customers by servicing those looking to build multiple dwellings
  • We keep you in the loop at each stage of the construction, so that you can deliver exceptional customer service
  • Get your customer the funding they need for their new property faster

Benefits for your customer:

We can help your customers build their property with our innovative tools and solutions.

  • Multiple dwellings per title available
  • Draw-down payments will help protect customers from being taken advantage of
  • Greater borrowing capacity for single-dwelling titles

Benefits for you:

We’ll help you make smaller transactions work in your favour.

  • Support your customer’s dreams by providing competitive rates, even when the customer is only looking to renovate
  • Provide renovation solutions with flexible property size considerations
  • Offer smart repayment solutions for your customers

Benefits for your customer:

Our solutions can help your customers move on to the next phase of renovation and development.

  • Bespoke LVR considerations when refinancing for renovation purposes
  • Smaller property size considerations available
  • Offset accounts available so your customer can offset funds they have not yet used for renovation purposes towards interest payable

Benefits for you:

Provide a flexible solution for your customers sooner, saving you time and effort.

  • Provide unique solutions for your customer’s individual circumstances
  • Offer greater borrowing capacity for savvy investors
  • Faster turnarounds when the customer does the work for you

Benefits for your customer:

Packed with smart features, our renovation loans are designed for customers on the move.

  • Deferred interest payable solutions available
  • Greater borrowing capacity for customers with investment properties or lower LVRs
  • Streamlined access to funding via online applications

Benefits for you:

Access this growing market with minimal effort.

  • Prime loan considerations for experienced business owners
  • Provide clever tax-efficient considerations for greater borrowing capacity
  • Provide solutions on a case-by-case assessment

Benefits for your customer:

Our loan solutions can help your self-employed customers own their property sooner.

  • Very competitive rates with greater borrowing capacity
  • Unique business expenses could be considered as non-taxable income
  • Flexible considerations for those with a lower credit score

Our Niche Solutions

We consider every loan on a case-by-case basis and offer a wide range of tailored loans.

Red Series



Competitive solutions for premium and specialty customers with faster approvals.

  • Competitive rates and even faster approvals
  • Clever policy considerations and flexible solutions
  • Niche solutions for speciality loans

Advantage Series



Premium customers enjoy access to our Advantage Series: low-rate loans with no fuss.

  •  Super-low rates with large borrowing capacity
  • Loans available for every type of purpose
  • Streamlined documentation across product offering

Blue Series



Specialising in unique cases, the Blue Series gives you the ability to deliver the best possible solutions.

  • Greater flexibility for niche solutions
  • Tax-efficient considerations for borrowing requirements
  • Loan size considerations for those special cases