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A portable home loan lets you take the mortgage with you when moving house. This gives you not just convenience but savings on refinancing fees.

Variable Home Loans

Fixed Home Loans

Bridging Home Loans

Portable Home Loans

Stop worrying that you won’t be able to purchase your new home. Mortgage House has programs to help you become pre-approved for a new mortgage, even if you haven’t yet sold your current home.

Our Home Lending Specialists will help you work through the pre-approval process. You’ll generally need to have:

  • Significant equity in your current home, at least 40%
  • Enough annual income to make the higher loan payments in between the purchase of your new home and the sale of your current home.

A relocation loan provides you with freedom, savings and convenience.

You can use the equity in your current home and your new home to qualify for financing. Relocation loans, also known as bridging loans allow you to look for a new home in a tight housing market or in a new city, without first having to sell your existing home.

When you do find that perfect property, you might need to make an offer or do renovation work before you’re able to even put yours up for sale. Mortgage House relocation loans allow you to make the deposit on your new home and finance the balance at closing.

Relocation loans take the stress and worry out of purchasing a new home when you’re not ready or haven’t yet sold your current home.

Most relocation loans require that you sell your existing property and purchase the new one within a six to twelve-month term. This affords you plenty of time to make the transition into your new home and get things settled.

When you have sold your existing home, the proceeds of the sale will then be applied to reduce the balance on your relocation loan. Our Home Loan Specialists will then work with you to refinance the loan on your new property.