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About Low Deposit Home Loans

If you’re currently renting, then it’s likely you’re helping someone else’s home owner dreams come true, but what about your dreams?

We all want a place to call our own. Home ownership is the goal for most Australians, bringing the freedom and flexibility to create your perfect space (without consulting a landlord!)

Today, the pressure to actually get into the housing market has never been greater, thanks to surging property prices in an increasingly competitive climate.

Unfortunately, with day to day living expenses and bills, not to mention rent, saving for a deposit to purchase your own home can seem impossible.

A low deposit home loan allows you to jump straight into the property market, with just a small deposit saved. You can get pre-approval and begin house hunting immediately, far sooner than most would expect, especially when you consider the years it would take to save a sizeable deposit with outgoing rental expenses.

A Mortgage House low deposit loan will see you paying off your own home and investing in your future sooner so you can start building equity and reap the benefits in years to come.

We offer an extensive range of Low Deposit Loans. Contact us today to discuss a fully tailored product, just for you!


  • Allows you to get into the property market quickly at an opportune time

  • Stop wasting money on rent and start investing in your own future straight away

  • Start creating wealth and equity sooner


  • Low deposit home loans attract higher interest rates

  • Mortgage insurance is required on loans where the deposit is less than 20% so expect higher entry costs