29 Sep 2021

What is a Loan Period?

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A mortgage consists of several financial phrases. The phrases extend to all loans and other financial products. Among them is the loan period. The terms of a loan are not the same as the period of the loan. 

The loan period is most commonly associated with the student loan. Students don’t require financing for their education year-round. They finance semesters. Thus, their loans take into account the time that they spend learning in classrooms, on computers, or at home. They fund the time they learn from professors. 

Therefore, the period of a loan is time. For a mortgage, a period is a time from one billing cycle to another. It’s important because the interest rate clock never stops ticking. If you’re interested in paying off a mortgage early, lenders calculate the interest rate based on the loan period. It makes a difference between saving a few hundred dollars or an amount that walks into the thousands. A car loan has a loan period too.

Your loan’s term, on the other hand, is the total length of the loan based on time.  Most mortgages are 30-years in length. The loan term also takes into account the interest rate and the monthly repayment amount. You’ll find that your loan term consists of several loan periods. In some cases, a loan consists of 360 loan periods.

Loan Period Conclusion

Understanding terms such as loan period helps the homebuyer and applicant. It’s to their advantage to understand the words in their agreement. Mortgage House loan specialists provide all clients a degree of guidance during the process. For more information, contact our team.

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