30 Sep 2021

How Much Does a Home Loan at 1.94% Cost?

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There are several ways to look at the cost of a mortgage. A mortgage consists of three main components, the amount borrowed, the interest rate, and the length of the loan. The components intertwine with each other. It’s one reason why lenders take several days to evaluate mortgage applications. 

A home loan at 1.94% nets several costs. It depends on the amount borrowed and the length of the home loan. For example, if you borrow $550,000 for 30 years, your total cost becomes $731,000. The interest the loan accrues equals $181,000. 

If you decide to take out the same loan for 15 years instead of 30, the total cost becomes $637,000. The interest that accrues is $87,000.

You’ll notice that the total cost of a mortgage at 1.94% increases and decreases with the total amount borrowed. The length of the loan plays a role too.

Before submitting a home loan application, it’s best to know your financial situation. If you understand the amount you can comfortably afford, you’ll make your monthly repayments without too much stress. 

Our Mortgage House online calculators can help you gain perspective on the Australian housing market. 

Home Loan at 1.94% Conclusion

The total cost of a home loan at 1.94% depends on the total amount borrowed. In addition, the total cost depends on the length of the loan. The longer it goes, the more interest rate charges it accrues.

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