30 Sep 2021

How Much Does a Home Loan at 1.99% Cost?

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Several factors compose a mortgage. You can explore them separately for your information. To see the total picture, it’s important to put all the elements together. Here we explore an example that uses 1.99% in the mortgage cost calculation. A home loan at 1.99% is a good deal. However, the total cost varies.

The median home cost in Australia hovers at $550,000. The average home price in Australia ranges from $465,000 to $955,000. At 1.99%, the total cost of each possible mortgage amount changes. 

If you agree to a $550,000 mortgage with a 30-year loan term at 1.99%, the interest rate charge equals $180,900. The total loan cost equals $731,000. 

The standard loan term remains at 30 years. It’s possible to obtain a 15-year mortgage too. If you agree to a $550,000 mortgage with a 15-year loan term at 1.99%, the interest rate charge equals $86,700. The total cost equals $637,000. 

Homeowners who pay off their mortgage sooner save a decent amount on interest rate charges. 

A homebuyer who obtains a $950,000 mortgage over 30 years at 1.99% sees a total cost of $1,263,000. The interest rate charge kicks the loan up by $313,000.

In this case, at 15 years, the total interest rate charge accrued equals $150,000. The total cost equals $1,100,000.

Home Loan at 1.99% Conclusion

Mortgage House offers a home loan at 1.99% to well-qualified clients. Other scenarios merit that rate too. For more information about our loan products, contact our loan specialists. They also offer mortgage choice loan guidance.

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