02 Jun 2021

What Does a Conveyancer Need to Provide When Buying a Property?

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During the home buying process, you may utilise the services of a conveyancer or solicitor. But what do they do and what documentation do they need to provide your mortgage lender?

What do conveyancers do?

Conveyancers and solicitors are licensed professionals who advise during the home buying process, provide necessary information to all parties, prepare any necessary documentation and conduct the entire settlement. Some of the duties they may perform are:

  • Preparing and certifying the Transfer of Land, the Stamp Duty Application Form and the Authority to Proceed to Settlement legal documentation
  • Identifying the Certificate of Title for the property
  • Ensuring there are no unpaid property dues, such as water, council rates, government fees and strata fees
  • Attending the legal settlement for you, transferring ownership of the property over to you, and ensuring all the documentation is in order before handing it over to your lender

Solicitors are legal experts and can make sure the contract of sale is acceptable. Conveyancers can also schedule a building inspection so that contractors can resolve any issues before you sign the contract of sale. Or, if the homeowner cannot fix the repairs promptly, they can negotiate a lower sale price. 

Documentation they provide

Your conveyance will need to provide your lender with a certified copy of the Contract of Sale, outlining the purchase price of the property, the property address, the settlement date, the offer date, certificate of title information, loan details and more. 

Utilising a conveyance during the home buying process can relieve some of your stress. They can ensure all the documentation your mortgage lender requires is in order. 

Mortgage House and our team of brokers have developed relationships with many different conveyancers. If you are looking for a qualified conveyancer, our brokers can find one compatible with you.

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