05 Jul 2021

What are the Construction Loan Qualifications?

To obtain this loan, an applicant must satisfy several construction loan qualifications. The qualifications are tougher than a mortgage because the home isn’t built yet. Since construction projects face delays and other setbacks, a lender aims to be sure that the project will see completion. If the project isn’t completed, the lender doesn’t have many ways to recoup losses.

Construction loan qualifications include a deposit, appraisal, and council approvals. The applicant must also have a solid financial standing.

A deposit is important in all loan applications. If you put down at least 5% as a deposit, you’re more likely to ensure the project is completed. It’s one thing to lose a small deposit; it’s another to lose a deposit that starts climbing into the thousands.

Lenders require valuations before approving any loan. Construction projects receive 70% to 95% of the project’s value in financing. So, lenders want to be sure that their numbers are accurate.

Some construction projects experience delays because their council approvals don’t come through. To show your project is legitimate, obtain development approvals, building approvals and other approvals ahead of time. The documentation affords you credibility. The approvals demonstrate that the project won’t be stopped by council inspectors. It also shows that you’re committed to seeing the completion of the project.

Construction Loan Qualifications Conclusion

Applicants will find that construction loan qualifications are more strict. This isn’t a business loan either. Mortgage House finds construction projects, but we ensure that the applicants are well-qualified. If a construction loan isn’t the best solution, our loan specialists find better-suited alternatives.

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