30 Sep 2021

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What is a term deposit?

At Mortgage House, we understand how complicated the world of property development is, especially when trying to find the right financing for your next project. We will work with you to understand your needs to help you find the right loan to fund your next project. Whether you are a commercial developer, residential property developer, or a subdivider, we offer the perfect property development finance option for you.


What is Property Development Finance? 

Property Development Finance is a type of loan that allows you to fund construction of multiple properties on one title. There are both residential and commercial development finance loans. Both of these options have different approval processes, including fees, interest rates, and risk levels. 

  • Residential: Residential developments are usually smaller, no more than four different units. This finance loan has the standard mortgage fees and is less risky than commercial finance. 
  • Commercial: Commercial developments consists of more than four residential units, including skyscrapers or other typical commercial properties. The applications are more complex and in-depth. In addition, the interest rate is often higher to help offset some of the risk. 


How Much Can You Borrow?

At Mortgage House, we want to help you find the funding you need to increase your business. We take a number of factors into account when determining how much you can borrow for property development, including:


  • Your loan term
  • The amount of money in your savings
  • The location you want to build
  • The cost of materials and labour 


In general, you should be able to borrow 70% of the price for large commercial developments and 80% for smaller residential developments. 

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