08 Sep 2021

Can I Borrow Five Times My Salary?

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It’s possible to borrow five times my salary for well-qualified homebuyers. To understand the amount any mortgage applicant may borrow, we explore borrowing capacity and an example.

The borrowing capacity calculator takes into account an applicant’s income and expenses. It also factors in the down payment, interest rate, loan program, and property taxes.

If your income nets a positive balance, you’re on your way to obtaining a mortgage. If the positive balance is five times your monthly repayment, a lender may approve those loan terms. Lastly, a lender’s confidence in the applicant’s fiscal responsibility renders the final decision. 

It’s great to earn a salary that falls into the higher income brackets. However, individuals who are loose with their finances pose a risk for the lender. 

A mortgage of $600,000 at 2.1% over 30 years delivers a monthly repayment of $2,247.  If your monthly gross income is $12,350 and the lender determines you’re fiscally responsible, those loan terms are possible.

In cases where the applicant falls short on the income requirement, non-bank lenders, such as Mortgage House, find alternative solutions. It’s possible to receive a mortgage for the same house with income that is three or four times the monthly repayment amount. 

Lending institutions balance risk with reward daily. To help several homebuyers achieve their dreams, lenders must make sound financial decisions too. 

Borrow Five Times My Salary Conclusion

To determine if you can borrow five times my salary, speak with a Mortgage House loan specialist. In addition, you can explore our online home loan calculator without any strings attached. 

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