18 May 2016

Three Considerations for Your Home’s Entryway

We’ve all heard some form of advice related to making a great first impression, whether it came in the form of dating, career or general social advice. We all know its significance, and we all know you only get one chance to make it happen.

Well, when it comes to your home, the first impression is all about the entryway.

As soon as a guest (or potential buyer) opens that front door, a first impression of your home is being made. Whether you’re looking to impress friends and family now or buyers later, making a memorable first impression will set a positive tone for the entire home.

If you’re buying soon, here’s a few things to consider as you walk through the entryways of the homes you’re inspecting.


An enticing entryway isn’t just about looking nice. In order to be truly great, it has to make people feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable.

For coats, scarves and handbags, built-in wardrobes are great. Otherwise, a traditional coat hanger will absolutely suffice. The point is, it should be easy and automatic for people to kick off their shoes and find easy-to-remember places for their belongings.

And speaking of comfort, a nice big rug with detailed patterns can catch dust and dirt while also being comfortable to walk on.


Lighting makes all the difference. Is your home a brightly lit office, or a dark nightclub? Maybe neither of those sounds good to you, but the lighting in your entryway should reflect what does.

Having a few options in your entryway is ideal. It’s the gateway between the outside world and your home, so you want to be able to adjust the lighting depending on the situation.

A dimmer switch and a nice lamp should provide all the options you need. If you’re on your way to work and need to check your outfit, bright is right. If you’re cooking dinner for a romantic interest, the dim glow of a nice lamp might be more appropriate.


Your entryway should set the right tone for your guests, of course…

But don’t lose sight of the fact that the home is yours. It’s your base. It represents you and your life. Every nuance of it makes a statement about you.

Are you fun and wacky, or would you like to be seen as such? Is class and professionalism more your thing, or are you your own animal entirely?

Get creative with the art and decor of your entryway and let it do all the talking for you.

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