23 Jun 2016

How to Cosy Up Your Home This Winter

The season of blistering cold winds, chattering teeth and scarves is upon us. For some, winter isn’t a big deal – it’s simply the time of year to turn on the fireplace and enjoy some hot chocolate. For others, the home offers no refuge from winter’s cold, harsh bite.

While some homes are well prepared to fend off the low temperatures, others become ice palaces. But either way, regardless of the quality of the home, there are things that can be done to make the place feel cosier, warmer and more inviting.

You can’t stop winter from coming – or fast forward through it once it arrives. But you CAN turn your home into a warm space to return to each day you’re forced to leave it.

Here are a few ways to “cosy up” your home and make the most out of winter:


It might be obvious, but the first thing to do in the bedroom is add more blankets to your bedding.

But don’t stop there! You can add a folded quilt to the end, as well as a throw and some furry cushions. Muted colours, such as black and navy blue, work well with the winter aesthetic.

Living Room

Summer inspires bright and colourful cushions, rugs and amenities. While light textures and vibrancy matches the “vibe” of summer, your living room might feel strangely off during the winter months donning such a look.

Instead, try candlelight, darker tones and furry rugs. Adorn the couch in blankets, quilts and other snuggly goodies to wrap your legs in before drinking a coffee and reading a book.


The last thing most people feel like doing when it’s cold outside is leaving the warmth of their homes, but it would be a shame to lose out on valuable bonding time and fresh air just because the temperature is a little low.

Grab the shovel and dig out a fire pit! Bonding over fire is one of the first things that human beings as a species ever did. There’s nothing more natural than gathering around a fireplace with some close friends, some warming beverages (alcoholic or otherwise) and some good stories to tell.

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