31 Jul 2021

How Much Do Builders Charge per Square Metre?

The cost to build your dream home depends on many components, among them is labour. Construction crews charge between $50 to $80 an hour. A construction crew includes several members, each with a speciality. The plumbing specialist shows up for work when the construction is ready for this phase. Same with the lighting, roofing, and exterior specialists.

So, it’s a little difficult to come up with an exact amount you’re going to be charged by the construction. Instead, they’ll provide an estimate. Their estimate is important for financing. Thus keep their information with the rest of your documents.

How much do builders charge varies on the size of the home, the intricacy of the project, and the number of floors. It takes between four to six months to build a home. Crews work eight hours a day. 

Some construction crews purchase the materials on your behalf, often at a discount. The best way to decipher your costs is to add everything up. Then calculate the amount per square metre. In Melbourne, you can expect to pay between $1,300 to $3,900 per square metre to build your dream home.

How Much Do Builders Charge Conclusion

As you start putting together the estimate to build your dream home, you must know how much do builders charge per square metre. The cost per square metre depends on the materials, architecture and labour.  Construction crews charge per hour, but each member doesn’t work the entire time during the project. For financing information, contact our Mortgage House loan specialists. We also offer a car and a business loan option.

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