09 Aug 2021

How To Order a Valuation for Less Work and More Business

There are several things that technology has streamlined in the home buying process. You can apply for a home loan online. Then manage the account online too. If you need to modify a loan, lenders allow some basic changes through the account too. Now you can also order a valuation for less work and more business.

Home valuations provide key information for lenders. Some home loans fund 70% of the property’s value. Others fund up to 110%. A lender requires this information during the closing period so they release the correct amount of funds. 

There are cases when the valuation doesn’t meet expectations. It’s either too high or too low. The lender works through the unexpected home valuation with the buyer, especially during the closing period. At this point, there’s an offer on the table and the seller is waiting for everything to go through.

Lenders have the ability to order the valuation online from an application that syncs with other apps. It’s a faster process that delivers the information through the same portal. By obtaining the valuation in this manner, the application period streamlines even further. You’ll find all the information in the same place instead of several stacks of paperwork.

All the data stays in the same place and the appropriate client’s file. 

Order a Valuation Conclusion

If you’re interested in the order a valuation option, simply follow the steps. Mortgage House provides clients with a brief overview of the valuation process and mortgage choice options. Contact our loan specialist team.

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