31 Jul 2021

What are Melbourne Construction Costs per Square Metre?

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The Melbourne construction costs per square metre vary. In March 2021, the rate saw an 0.8% rise over the last three month period. When the Australian market experiences severe fluctuations, everything else follows. Before you begin to build your dream home, start shopping for the prices of materials, construction crews, and permits.

The construction cost per square meter depends on materials used, the intricacies of the project, and current prices. The range per square metre ranges from $1,300 to $3,900. 

Full brick raises the cost per square meter. Those who opt for brick veneer pay less. In addition to the materials and labor costs, the number of levels plays a role too. The second-storey extension adds about 30% to the price of each square metre. 

As the construction of the home takes shape, your crew will ask you to pick out accessories and finishes. Those add to the total price too. In some areas, you’ll be able to splurge. In others, you can get away with opting for modest pieces. 

Since this is your dream home, you’ll decide how to balance high-end items with items that provide long-term quality. 

Melbourne Construction Costs per Square Metre Conclusion

Although the Melbourne construction costs per square metre fluctuate, you can time the market in your favour. If you start shopping for the costs before you begin the project, you can find yourself in a better financial position. Those who require financing, can take a look at our Mortgage House online home loan calculator, or speak with our loan specialists.

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