30 Jul 2021

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Double Storey House in Melbourne?

Property Zoning Basics That Every Australian Should Know

Building your dream home affords you several benefits. First and foremost, you can build a single- or double-storey house in Melbourne. Starting from scratch means adding as many bedrooms and floors as you please. If the financing is available to you, you can go all out. Sometimes financing remains fixed. To balance things out, you can mix and match the total costs.

Some Australians opt to place several high-end finishes and fixtures on the first floor. Then use modest finishes and fixtures on the other levels. 

Keep in mind that it takes 30% more to add a second storey to any home. Your total costs depend on the total square meters. In 2021, it costs an average of $1,300 to $3,900 per square meter to build a new home.

Additional considerations, materials, and infrastructure go into a second storey. Therefore, the costs rise accordingly. You also need to secure the proper permits. In some areas, a two-storey home stands out. Some neighbours appreciate their view. Therefore two-storey home projects don’t receive permission.

If you have architectural freedom, a healthy budget, and enough acreage, this dream home becomes practical and a work of art.

Build Double Storey House in Melbourne Conclusion

When you build your dream home, you’re paying to design it to your satisfaction. You can build a double-storey house in Melbourne and control the costs. These homes cost 30% more, but there are tricks to manage them. For financing, contact Mortgage House. Our loan specialists help you figure out your options, including refinance home loan options.

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