18 Jul 2016

Our Favourite Interior Design Instagrammers

Favourite Interior Design Instagrammers

If you’re thinking of buying your dream home soon, you’re probably catching yourself daydreaming about what it’s going to look like more and more often. Maybe you’re even browsing the Internet for furniture and bookmarking your favourite bits and pieces. It’s certainly not uncommon.

When you borrow with Mortgage House, you don’t have to claw tooth and nail through meaty stacks of paperwork to find the best deal for you (like you would with other lenders). Our home loans are flexible enough to match your circumstances, no matter how unique.

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So follow these Instagram accounts and get to daydreaming, because turning homeowner dreams into reality is what we do best:

Nick Olsen


Brisbane-based designer Nick Olsen’s Instagram posts showcase a fascinating smorgasbord of rich, varied colours and zany, unexpected textures.

The award-winning phenom posts images which collectively offer a window into his life, his mind and his viscerally captivating creations – perfect daydream fuel for future homeowners!


Alessandra Branca

Easy like Sunday morning…… #homebyday

A photo posted by Alessandra Branca (@abranca) on


Branca’s Instagram stream boasts dazzling pictures of European architecture (internal AND external), colour palettes tasty enough to make your mouth water and the occasional candid shot of a house cat.

The accomplished designer certainly understands how to showcase her strengths and inspire homeowners to get creative with their interior aesthetic.


Orlando Soria


Creative director for Homepolish and esteemed interior designer Orlando Soria is a minimalist master. Using minimal tones, clean design and elegant simplicity, Orlando creates understated but stunning imagery with his work.

And he’s kind enough to share his results on Instagram for all of us to see as well, so be sure to follow him.


Benjamin Vandiver

Breakfast Nook by BVIL // as seen in @gardenandgun

A photo posted by BENJAMIN VANDIVER (@benjaminvandiver) on


Benjamin is a purveyor of soft colours and minimalism as well. He uses simple layouts and quiet dignity to manifest his creative visions.

Being a New York resident, it makes sense that he’d develop a style based on making small spaces look glorious.


Mortgage House

At Mortgage House, we’re no strangers to the homeowner’s journey. It’s a long (but rewarding) one.

But don’t worry, we can help with that.

If you’re thinking of buying your dream home, you can contact us for advice about the best options for you when it comes to your mortgage. The cost of your mortgage can drastically affect your financial planning, so it pays to speak to the experts about it.

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