13 May 2016

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Great

As a property owner, it might feel a little discouraging to have a small bathroom. With its cramped and modest features, you’d be forgiven for focusing on other areas of the home.

But whether you’re unsure about trying to impress potential tenants / owners, or you’re unsure about how your guests might view it, it’s all about how you position the bathroom in people’s minds.

Imagine if, instead of a cramped up little hole in the wall, people looked into your bathroom and saw class, modern efficiency and innovation.

After just a few considerations, you could turn your small bathroom into a minimalist’s fantasy:

Efficient usage of space

If you want people to look into your bathroom and think, “Wow, small is good”, it must demonstrate efficient and intelligent use of space.

That’s why, when it comes to television screens, computers and mobile devices, smaller is better. The components within are efficiently managed, which shows innovation and, by extension, modern design aesthetic.

Try a shower-only bathroom. In a small space, tubs can be cumbersome.

But don’t stop at the tub! If you really want to make your small bathroom shine, you’ll need a little…


The key to making any minimalist space work is creativity with storage space and presentation.

A vanity with built-in storage, for example, is a great way to start. Recessed storage in the shower for your soap and shampoo is another.

But in order to really make the most of a small space, consider creative use of mirrors as well. Mirrors make spaces look bigger and better.

Like a dance studio, you could even consider an entire mirror wall. Ever noticed how large a room with at least one mirror wall appears?

Size-appropriate fixtures

Creativity and efficiency both go far when it comes to making a small space shine.

But that doesn’t mean you need to come up with all the solutions by yourself! There are several companies producing fixtures and other amenities that are specifically intended for small bathrooms.

If you get stuck for ideas, simply browsing these fixtures and amenities might give you new ideas for making your small bathroom memorable.

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