03 Aug 2021

Solutions for all Types of Customers

At Mortgage House, we understand how difficult life can be. From job loss to temporary financial setbacks, we believe everybody should have the ability to purchase a home to start changing their financial future. That is why we offer lending solutions for all types of customers. 



We help self-employed, and contract workers find the right loan for them by accurately assessing their income statements and bank accounts. While traditional lenders require a self-employed individual to provide at least a year’s worth of financial statements, we can help individuals who started their own business less than a year ago apply for a low doc loan to help them buy a home. 


Low Deposit Loans

We understand how hard saving for a 20% deposit can be, especially when the Australian housing market has been seeing rising prices in recent years. Therefore, we offer various no deposit and low deposit mortgage options to help those just starting in the workforce buy a home.


Bad Credit Loans

Having bad credit shouldn’t disqualify you from purchasing a home. However, missed repayments or defaults resulting from one poor financial situation or an unexpected financial hardship shouldn’t either. We offer home loans to individuals with bad credit because we assess your case thoroughly, understanding the reasons for your poor credit. Once your credit improves, you can also refinance with us to help you get more beneficial loan features. 


When your circumstances make it difficult for you to secure a home loan, consult with the experts at Mortgage House. We offer various lending solutions for all types of customers, from first-time buyers to investors, refinancers, construction loans, renovation loans, relocation loans, and self-employed. 


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