15 Jun 2021

Will Mortgage House Accept a Multiple Purpose Shop/Residential Property as Security for a Mortgage Loan?

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The multiple-purpose shop/residential property is also known as the mixed-use property. It’s gaining steam just like high-density apartments in urban and city centre areas. Both are attractive to local governments because they generate tax revenue streams. Those tax revenues are used to fund residential public infrastructure and services.

Mortgage House will accept the multiple purpose shop and residential property as collateral to secure a mortgage loan. Some local governments do an outstanding job at promoting growth and vitality for their business community. When a home loan applicant presents us with this collateral, our loan specialists work with other departments to complete due diligence. 

Mixed-use properties allow individuals seeking an urban lifestyle to live it with convenience. Developers are getting creative and adding features that make these areas walkable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.

Shifts in demographics impact the vitality of these properties. As the younger generations age, they tend to move to the suburbs because they require more space. Their family begins to grow and so do their housing needs. Therefore, mixed-use property owners need to stay one step ahead of shifting demographics and unforeseen circumstances.

We take a look at real estate forecasts and patterns, too. 

Multiple Purpose Shop/Residential Conclusion

Multiple-purpose shop/residential properties present attractive opportunities for investors. Their value is why we can consider them as collateral when securing a mortgage loan. Before we present an offer, we’ll evaluate the property and the applicant’s financial situation. It helps us understand your goals. When the financials clear all our departments, we present worthwhile loan terms. You can also try our online calculators, such as the car loan calculator.

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