09 Jun 2021

Mortgage House Capital Offers: Financing for the Entrepreneurs

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Business owners have two funding options at their disposal – debt and equity. Even when a company is earning an income and its financials are in the black, funding is necessary for expansion, upgrades, or to pay off existing debt.

Funding through debt means taking out a loan. Mortgage House offers several loans for business purposes that vary in interest rate, length, and requirements. Mortgage House capital offers are available, too. Our products help companies fund expansions or upgrades through equity in the form of stock. 

Debt and equity have their pros and cons. Debt means incurring charges through interest. Equity means you give up a portion of your business to shareholders.

If you opt for warehouse and wholesale funding, you’re incurring short-term debt. These loans end up on the secondary market. Mezzanine funding is available in debt or equity. In both instances, company assets become collateral. A company’s assets secure corporate facilities. In these cases, Mortgage House partners with the company, group, or partnership as the lending partner. 

Sometimes we take on a third-party role through a power of attorney or related agreement. The exact role depends on the agreement put together during a consultation followed by the application process.

Mortgage House Capital Offers Conclusion

Mortgage House capital offers include warehouse and wholesale funding, mezzanine funding, and corporate facilities, in addition to other products such as the car loan. Our goal is to be your financing partner in your business endeavours. It’s an exciting time to take a company public and to expand others. For more information, contact our loan specialists. 

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