17 Jun 2016

How to Give Your Kitchen a New Look without Renovating

Whether you’re throwing a house party, cooking a romantic dinner for two or having the parents over, the kitchen is an essential part of the experience of your home – and by extension, you. It’s where the social drinks are poured, the dinner is cooked and the snacks are prepared.

So if you’ve just bought a new home, or you’re trying to keep your current one looking fresh and appealing, the kitchen is an important area to focus on. After all, it’s nigh impossible to have guests over without them, at one point, needing to use the kitchen for something. Even if it’s just a simple glass of water.

Usually, advice centred on improving a kitchen involves expensive renovations. But we understand that it’s not always necessary to completely renovate a kitchen in order to give it a little something extra.

Here are a few quick ways to dress your kitchen to impress:


The floor of a kitchen is tough to keep clean. There’s constant spillage and foot traffic, not to mention the grease and oily substances that can be a nightmare to scrub off.

With an outdoor mat made from plastic, you can catch stains before they ever touch your floor. Simply replace the mat or carpet when it gets too dirty, or leave it for a while and enjoy your pristine floor when it comes time to move out or sell.


There are a few practical ways you can spruce up the walls of a kitchen.

Chalkboards are a charming, homely addition to any kitchen that add a sense of warmth. In addition to the cosmetic appeal of a chalkboard, they’re extremely practical too – offering ways to remind yourself of what’s running low, write down recipes for easy access and more.

Of course, a simple wallpaper can make all the difference as well. It’s not the most creative or unique way to decorate a wall, but it’s effective. Your local supplier should be able to help you out when it comes to the best ways to apply your new wallpaper – a task that can be a little tricky in a room with lots of cupboards like a kitchen.

Accessories and trinkets

Lastly, you can spruce up your kitchen with all sorts of charming little extras.

A bookcase can be a wonderful addition. The kitchen is the busiest room in the house, so why not show off your literature? Store cookbooks in the bookcase, or provide some light reading for guests (or for yourself) while cooking or dining.

Or, you could collect appliances or homewares of matching colours and add them to colour-coded shelves. Choose a shade that’s in direct contrast to the primary colour of your kitchen to truly create a splash.

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