23 Feb 2021

Common Reasons Why Australians Aren’t Switching Lenders

Common Reasons Why Australians Aren’t Switching Lenders



Despite the clear benefit of switching lenders—saving thousands on repayment—most people are sticking with their current home loan.




Here are the most common reasons, according to the ACCC:

  • Customers assume their loyalty to their current mortgage company will result in better rates or payments.
  • Many borrowers aren’t given transparent pricing by mortgage companies.
  • Some believe it will be too complicated to switch.
  • Many don’t feel the need to switch and save unless prompted by a change to their personal financial situation.


Here’s the truth: It’s simple to switch lenders and save thousands when you choose Mortgage House.


Mortgage House offers wider credit specifications and industry leading tech. All of that comes together to ensure you get the best rate for your specific circumstances.


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