07 May 2021

What Does a Home Loan Specialist Do? 3 Skills for Success

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There are several professionals involved in the mortgage loan process. A home loan specialist is one. Our Mortgage House home loan specialists are among the brightest in Australia. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you’re receiving sound application advice. The following outlines the job of a home loan specialist and three keys to success.

Communication Skills

A loan specialist walks an applicant through the application process. The application asks for six pieces of information such as your name, income, and identification number. A lender also needs to know the property address, the value of the property, and the amount the applicant is seeking to borrow. 

The professional communicates clearly with the applicant. Filling out the application is one step. Another is providing supporting documents such as bank statements, income payslips, and the appraised value for the property. 

Organisation Skills

Loan specialists work with more than one applicant at a time, which requires stellar organisation skills. An applicant submits their application. The supporting documents sometimes arrive separately. Applicants are already under time constraints and stress. It’s important to attach supporting documents to the correct application. If there’s a need for additional information, the specialist must reach out to the applicant and convey the message in a clear and concise manner.  

Math Skills

At Mortgage House, we provide clients and loan specialists with several tools such as our car loan calculator. We also provide our specialists with a forward-thinking environment, but math skills are still required. A specialist requires the ability to compute simple math operations in their head or at least estimate on the spot.

Home Loan Specialist Conclusion

The home loan specialist is an important player in the mortgage application process. They walk applicants from the beginning to end and collect supporting documents. The specialist is a loan processor. They estimate the best loan for each applicant and offer solutions to those seeking a better interest rate or terms.

Our Mortgage House home loan specialists are among the best.

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