05 Jun 2021

What Do I Do to Sell My Current Property and Buy a Better One?

Owning a home is the most popular way to start building wealth because your home accrues equity. Young homebuyers struggle the most to purchase a home, so some settle for the house they can afford. Individuals with blemishes on their credit report are another group that has to compromise between their dream home and the amount a lender is willing to finance.

If you want to sell my current property and buy a better one at the same time, there are some steps to take that make it work. Consider the following advice as a mini-guide.

First and foremost, figure out if you can afford to own two homes at the same time. Your current mortgage remains your responsibility until it is officially discharged. At the same time, you need to put your down payment upfront and start paying the new mortgage. In this situation, you might be a candidate for a bridging loan.

The bridging loan is short-term and is meant for this exact scenario. It allows you the time to sell your current home and upgrade to your dream home without skipping a beat.

Another option is to field cash offers. As soon as you have the cash, you can apply it to your new home.

Sell My Current Property Conclusion

If you are ready to sell my current property so you can upgrade to a better one, get organised. Some homeowners can afford to own two properties simultaneously. Others require a bridging loan. Mortgage House is here to help you purchase your dream home. To find out more about our financing solutions, give us a call. Try our online home loan calculator, too.

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