29 Sep 2021

How Do I Calculate Monthly Expenses?

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Practicing fiscal responsibility includes managing your monthly expenses. Homebuyers take on additional financial responsibility in the form of a mortgage. Before applying for a home loan, loan specialists and several departments at the lender complete a financial background check. If the application lacks information, it cannot be processed. 

Preparing your finances before submitting a loan application helps the process. If you know your net annual income and your monthly expenses, you avoid surprises. A rejected loan application doesn’t favour you or your credit report. 

To calculate your expenses per month, gather your bank statements, receipts, and bills. Categorise each payment. For example, is it recurring or a one-off? Give priority to recurring monthly expenses, such as your utilities. Add up recurring expenses for services, subscriptions, and products.

Calculate the amount you spend on the essentials, such as groceries, clothing, and housing.

Now take into account expenses you incur as one-offs. For example, lunch dates with friends, the occasional coffee run, and things you purchase to treat yourself.

The good news is that there are tools to help you manage these numbers, such as apps and software. Complete the initial data entry. Then commit to maintaining the records for optimal results like saving for a vacation, major appliance purchase, or a significant down payment.

Monthly Expenses Conclusion

To calculate your monthly expenses, gather your bills, receipts, and bank statements. Then analyse them. If the accounting gets tricky, adopt an online tool, such as your bank’s online banking platform. Mortgage House also provides online tools, including the mortgage repayment calculator.

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