02 Mar 2021

Variable Rate Home Loan: Making the Most of a Mortgage

Variable Rate Home Loan: Making the Most of a Mortgage


The second most popular mortgage is the variable rate home loan. This loan caused a stir in 2008. Interest rates increased unexpectedly in the United States, which had a ripple effect. Under normal market conditions, rates break even over a 30-year period. In some cases, the variable mortgage is less expensive than the fixed rate home loan. Here are the pros and cons of the variable rate mortgage. 

Variable Rate Home Loan

When you accept a variable rate mortgage, your monthly payments are not fixed. If interest rates drop, your monthly payment amount drops, too. If rates go in the other direction, your monthly payment does as well. Interest rates are not generally volatile, but things can happen. Government decisions, for example, can cause a stir, which sends rates in one direction or the other.

With this loan-type, you are free to make extra payments without incurring penalties. Homeowners take this mortgage option because monthly payments tend to be lower than the fixed rate option over 30 years. On average, the loan is less expensive, too. Thus, it is enticing. The trade off is the risk caused by sudden rate increases.

A financially disciplined homeowner can weather potential rate increases because risk is baked into the cake. First, you need to determine if this option is a good fit. Our team is ready to offer their professional financial guidance.

Making the Most of a Variable Rate Mortgage

Most variable rate mortgages allow the homeowner to pay off the loan early. A lower interest rate and larger payments offer the opportunity to own the home 100% for less. So, there are ways to make the most out of this loan-type.

Additional frequent payments over the minimum amount reduce the loan quicker especially at a lower interest rate. Setting up automatic payments prevents late payments, which negatively impacts your credit history. When you receive lump sums of money, use it to make another payment. The point is to exercise financially responsible behaviour because it leads to getting out of debt sooner. If rates go against you and most of the mortgage is paid off, you can weather the increase more comfortably.

Next Steps

Lenders are willing to finance home purchases because they collect a fee from each loan. They root for homeowners to successfully pay off the mortgage, which is why the application process is so thorough. Before you submit your application, it is wise to explore your options with a lending professional. If you understand the pros and cons of a variable rate mortgage, you are in good shape. You are better prepared to sustain rate increases and decreases. 

Variable Rate Home Loan Conclusion

A variable rate home loan is beneficial for some financial circumstances. It has several pros although it comes with some risk. For more information about this mortgage option, contact our Mortgage House team.

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