01 Apr 2021

Putting Branches First: Offering Innovative Mortgage Choice & Options

Putting Branches First: Offering Innovative Mortgage Choice Options


Consumers changed the economy, which changed the way companies do business. Technology, the internet and software led the change. Consumers are unapologetic in their expectations. Thus, businesses adapted. Today, there is more mortgage choice than ever before. At Mortgage House, we are offering partnership opportunities to lending institutions like you. To nurture the relationship, as a branch representative, we put you first. Here is  how we accomplish that feat.


A successful partnership between your organisation and Mortgage House depends on serviceability. We open our doors and products to you, and you offer them to your clients. The approved application probability rate increases because innovation replaced the one-size-fits-all approach. Home loans, interest rates and refinancing received a facelift, and we offer exclusive and attractive selections as a result.

Innovative Products

The traditional mortgage still has its place in the housing and lending market, but we added a twist anyway. The twist opens the lending market to a wider applicant pool because circumstances among each vary greatly. Instead of fitting applicants into a set of requirements, innovative home loans are customised to fit them and their needs. We made super-low rate loans available to our partner branches for the first time ever, which leads to growth. 

Streamlined Process

Acquiring a home loan is a stressful and long process for applicants. We figured out how to streamline it, which leads to more approvals and less effort. Additionally, a streamlined process optimises results and time. Your staff can move from one application to the next without skipping a beat. The approval turnaround time is fast and more loan options are available. Our team handles the administrative work so you can focus on growing your business.

Mortgage Choice Conclusion

To partner with Mortgage House and expand your mortgage choice & offerings, give us a call. Our team is ready to provide you with an accreditation form. Plus, you can pre-register online. 

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