06 Apr 2021

Partner with Mortgage House: Why the Business Relationship is Sound

Partner with Mortgage House: Why the Business Relationship is Sound


There are times when business mergers make sense. Then, there are times when simple partnerships suffice. Over the last several decades, we accumulated resources to develop innovative products and systems in the lending field. Now, we are searching for companies to partner with Mortgage House. The following are a few reasons why others enjoy working as our branch representatives and clients.

Award Winning Organisation

Mortgage House is an award winning organisation, so our efforts and successes are recognised by our industry peers and colleagues. In Australia, we are one of the most decorated non-bank lenders. 


Since 1986, we have helped Australians achieve homeownership. In that time, we accrued resources and re-invested them wisely. Plus, we learned tricks of the trade and developed our innovative products. Our longevity strengthens our experience, which we are seeking to share with branch partners. Additionally, as a partner, you can count on our industry credibility.


We take pride in being an approachable lender. The financing process is long and intense for applicants. Even purchasing a car requires a thorough financial check up. Thus, applicants find the process intimidating. They know that their credit history, employment history and monthly expenses are scrutinised and impact borrowing capability. So, it is tough to hear they need to make adjustments. To put applicants at ease, we developed a holistic case by case verification procedure. We offer a number of online tools such as the car loan calculator without strings attached, too. In many cases it leads to a successful loan application because they are prepared. Plus, we aim to fund individuals in all walks of life.


The main reason we achieved notable success is our innovation. Our eye on the future paid off because we have the ability to fund loans on acceptable terms for all parties. While some applicants are a risk to banking lenders, our innovative algorithms find a middle ground. Therefore, we minimise risk while maximising the return.

Partner with Mortgage House Conclusion

To partner with Mortgage House, simply complete a few steps. Start by pre-registering online. Then, one of our team members contacts you. You are asked to fill out and turn in an accreditation form and attach supporting documentation. Thereafter, we get back in touch. If you are ready to partner with a successful non-banking lending institution, we are ready to talk with you.

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