09 Aug 2021

Online Application Process Includes Built-In Credit History Search

Partner with Mortgage House: Why the Business Relationship is Sound

Among the loan application features that Mortgage House offers is an online option. If you fill out an online application for a home loan, the application information syncs with our proprietary tools. The application links to a built-in credit history search function. The two together further streamline the process.

Our loan specialists have tools that deliver quicker results for applicants. Each application receives the attention it deserves. Even though your credit report isn’t spotless, you remain in the loan market. Some individuals didn’t receive consideration in the past because the paperwork and background checks took too long. Banks, for example, pre-qualified applicants. If an applicant passed the initial test, then the application made its way through the proper channels.

As a non-bank lender, Mortgage House finds loan products for most applicants. The rates compete with those offered by banks, credit unions, and building societies. You’ll receive an option that satisfies your financial goal and our lending standards.

If the interest rate is higher than you would like, the loan gets your foot in the door. After some time passes, we’re happy to look into a refinance home loan option with you. We walk through all possible solutions one step at a time.

Online Loan Application and Credit History Search Conclusion

Filling out an online application provides several benefits. Many components work together to streamline the process. Among the components is a built-in credit history search function. This helps out loan specialists evaluate the application promptly. Contact Mortgage House for more information

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