13 Mar 2021

Offset Account: 4 Benefits Offered by this Mortgage Asset

Offset Account: 4 Benefits Offered by this Mortgage Asset

Once you have procured a home loan, there are strategies you can employ to lower the interest payment. Opening an offset account is one example. This is a savings account that offsets the mortgage’s principal, and therefore, lowers the amount that goes toward interest. There is more than one-type, too. The following are four benefits to consider.

Pay Less Interest

The money in the offset account acts as a guarantee toward the mortgage. It reduces the principal by the amount in the account, which reduces the amount going toward interest. Since you pay less toward interest, you are saving, too. In an ideal world, the interest payment would become zero with no charge to borrow the financing. Interest is the lender’s fee, however, so employ tactics to lower the amount as much as possible. 

Savings Works for You

An offset account cannot earn interest, but it reduces the interest paid toward the mortgage. In a roundabout way, even though the account does not earn interest, the money is still working in your favour, which balances things out. Breaking even depends on the amount in the account and interest rate.

Access Money

This account does not lock up your money. If you need a portion for an emergency, you are allowed access. You simply need to keep in mind how the withdrawal impacts your monthly payment. For more information, speak with one of our professional team members.

Improve Tax Position

In some situations, you may be able to improve your tax position. When you set up the account, ask our team if you qualify for any tax incentives. Then, you can take the proper steps.

Offset Account Conclusion

Purchasing your dream home is a feat worth conquering, and you have more than one mortgage choice. Once the deal closes, paying off the home loan is your next step for the length of the mortgage. An offset account lowers the amount of interest you accrue. To find the best option, contact our Mortgage House team.

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