01 Apr 2021

Niche Solutions: Providing Customers with Tailored Loans

Niche Solutions: Providing Customers with Tailored Loans


Our Mortgage House team developed several tools that help procure the optimal loan for most applicants. Thanks to our success, we are expanding through branch partnerships. As a branch representative, you receive access to our proprietary niche solutions, which benefit your clients. There are three tiers.

Red Series

All loans financed by Mortgage House such as car loans go through a case by case screening process. The Red Series provides competitive solutions for premium and specialty customers. Plus, all approvals are fast. This tier offers flexible financial products and clever policy considerations. A decade ago, the processing time commitment made it difficult to dig deep into the numbers. Therefore, applicants with peculiar circumstances adjusted to the market instead of the market adjusting to them, which led to a lost opportunity for many lenders.

Advantage Series

Branch representatives who opt for the Advantage Series enjoy low-rate loans without the hassle. The low rates increase borrowing capacity, and the loans consist of little limits because they are multi-purpose. Processing is streamlined, which is an attractive partner benefit. The administrative work still takes place behind the scenes, but it is no longer an impairment. As a partner of Mortgage House, we handle the screening operations so you can focus on growing your business.

Blue Series

The Blue Series handles unique cases. It provides the greatest flexibility and tax-efficient considerations aimed at increasing the applicant’s borrowing capacity. The goal is to provide solutions based on the individual’s circumstances and needs. This is the best tier for the applicant who requires a sizeable loan. Unique cases require accommodations, which are made in this tier. All parties make adjustments so that the final terms are acceptable across the board.

Niche Solutions Conclusion

To find out more about our niche solutions for car loans and other financial products, visit our website. To become a Mortgage House brand representative give our team a call, or pre-register online.

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