06 Apr 2021

Multiple Loan Solutions: A Financial Product for Every Walk of Life

Multiple Loan Solutions: A Financial Product for Every Walk of Life


Mortgage House branch representatives receive access to multiple loan solutions. Plus, the streamlined administrative work means your company can spend more time building relationships with qualified applicants, which grows your business. In addition to the home loan, construction, refinance and business loans are on the table, too. The following are some partnership benefits to consider.

Diverse Products

Standard loan products are still offered to our clients and branch representatives, but we also kicked things up a notch. Consumers have changed, and they believe that it is up to companies to adjust to them. Mortgage House has maintained its eye on innovation and the future, so we offer diverse financial products for all walks of life. By capturing a wider pool of applicants and offering them comfortable terms, everyone wins. The goal is to prevent leaving chances on the table such as non-residents and expats working overseas.

Unique Circumstances

Consumer changes are most notable in the labor market. The self-employed and gig industry led to a new type of client for the lending sector. Since their employment history and income documentation differs from an employee, lenders viewed them as a risk. Now, we have the tools to produce comfortable terms for the non-standard income applicant and lender. As a branch representative, your company grows with us because you can handle the applicants with challenging financial histories. We also offer competitive rates on prime loans. 


Niche Investors

The niche investor is another new profile-type seeking out financing for projects. The good news is that you no longer have to turn the shot away. Our tools help branch partners find favourable terms for all parties. The niche investor may present more risk in theory, but the risk is manageable and profitable.


Multiple Loan Solutions Conclusion

Multiple loan solutions gives your lending business the opportunity to grow. As a Mortgage House brand representative, it is only the beginning. Whether your clients require a business loan or mortgage, call our team to receive more information, or pre-register online.

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