13 Mar 2021

Mortgage Minimisation Strategy: 4 Tips After A Home Purchase

Mortgage Minimisation Strategy: 4 Tips After A Home Purchase


A home loan monthly payment amount depends on several factors such as the price of the house. Then, the interest rate plays a role. There are some mortgage minimisation strategy tactics you can employ to keep the loan manageable. Here are some tips to consider.


Purchase Less Home

A home seller asks for a price, but it is often negotiable. If you cannot negotiate it down and want to keep your mortgage amount low, consider another home. Less home is an alternative, too. Purchasing a house that has three bedrooms instead of five is worthwhile. Later on you can leverage the smaller home for a larger one with an improved credit history.


Get Your Finances In Order

Understanding the health of your finances helps you attain a favourable interest rate. Lenders search for low debt and low monthly expenses against the applicant’s net annual income. It allows a lender to see your financial circumstances in a favourable light. We offer our clients a number of online calculators to gain a clear perspective.


Give a Larger Down Payment

A large down payment minimises the finance amount. So, making the effort to save during the years leading up to a home purchase is worth the sacrifice. 


Apply for a Grant

The Australian Government rolled out several programs to help Australians purchase a home. First-time home buyers and the young generation are among the groups these grants target. There are other grants that additional individuals may qualify for, too. Our team helps you sort through the grants that fit your financial circumstances.


Mortgage Minimisation Strategy Conclusion

You can afford the home of your dreams, but you may need to employ some tactics to make it happen. Having a mortgage minimisation strategy keeps the payments affordable, especially if your future financial situation changes. Try our home loan calculator to see how a mortgage changes based on several components. Then, talk with our Mortgage Team professionals for more guidance.

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