09 Apr 2018

Mortgage House Awarded Best Offset Home Loan 2018

Mozo Experts Choice Award Offset Home Loan

Mortgage House has done it again, winning Best Offset Home Loan at the Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Best Home Loans 2018.

The competition has been fierce and the judging selection criteria strict. After all, Mozo keeps track of thousands of financial products on a daily basis. The Experts Choice Awards recognise home loan products that deliver exceptional value or benefits to Australians.

This award simply goes to reiterate our commitment to providing our customers with the best home loan options.

For the 2018 home loan awards, Mozo’s money experts compared 525 home loans from 88 financial providers. Only the top 10% of products that meet the selection criteria in each awards category receive an award,

We all have different borrowing needs, and as the winner for best Offset Home Loan, it helps you narrow down your search when looking for a home loan with that all-important money-saving 100% Offset feature.

Interest-saving loan feature and why you need it

What home loan features are important to you? Features like a 100% offset account which also doubles up as an everyday transactional account, gives you the flexibility and freedom to make extra repayments to reduce the balance of your loan and interest payable so that you can pay off your loan faster.

Having a home loan with a 100% offset account can help you to save thousands of dollars over the life of your home loan. If you want to save on interest and pay off your loan faster, our winning Offset Home Loan could be the right one for you.


Mortgage House

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