05 Aug 2021

More Approvals, Less Effort

Every business reaches the point where it has expansion needs that it cannot pay on its own. When the business reaches that point, it is necessary to reach out to a financial institution for a business loan.


The Mortgage approval process is complicated, and it can take weeks to know if you’re approved or not, leading to waits that could cost you your dream home. Mortgage 

House is committed to making the process easier while allowing more people to be approved for their dream home. 


Our customers have access to our proprietary technology, allowing them a seamless path through the approval process. We make the process easier on our customers by acting as their liaison with the solicitors, conveyancers, and sellers. You can also apply for a home loan online through our safe and secure network. The application can be filled out directly through this network and then be submitted instantly upon completion. In addition, you can upload a copy of all your documents directly through this application system. 


As a non-traditional lender, we can cut out the middleman. Not only does this allow us to approve more home loans (because banking standards don’t restrict us), but it also allows us to create a streamlined application. 


Our selection of first-time homebuyer solutions allows us to move more of our customers from application to approval. In addition, it enables us to process more loans faster without compromising our ability to find the right solutions for our customers. Our system also allows for a fast approval turnaround. You should know in a short time whether or not your loan has been approved. 


Our fundamental goal at Mortgage House is to ensure every Australian has an accessible way to secure a home loan. As times have changed, we’ve changed right along with them, finding new, innovative ways to make the complicated application process easy. 


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