06 Apr 2021

Meeting Customer Needs through Mortgage House Branch Representatives

Meeting Customer Needs through Mortgage House Branch Representatives


At Mortgage House, we developed a series of specialised lending tools to meet customer needs, which is our priority. Our next mission is finding branch representatives to partner with us to spread those tools. Here are the ways we achieve client satisfaction through the use of our innovative products.

Case by Case Consideration

Most individuals require financing for large purchases such as a home and car. However, customer circumstances have changed greatly over the last decade especially in terms of the labor force. Changes in the labor force and economy means that loan applicants no longer apply with traditional financial requirements. Instead, they have varying incomes, employment history and references. Thus, we evaluate every loan application on a case by case basis, which opens the applicant pool to more individuals.

Adjusting Expectations

Our specialised tools help more applicants qualify for financing, but we still manage expectations. Technology, software and the internet allow our branch representatives to efficiently sift through applications. Risk and terms are automatically calculated as the application information is entered into the software. There is no need to wait several days for an estimate or approval anymore. Since the evaluation process is dynamic, expectations adjust on the fly in a calculated manner.

Household expenses, for example, are calculated fairly, and the qualifying criteria is realistic. Our algorithms take into consideration tax-efficient borrowing solutions as well as a number of potential scenarios.

On-Call Support

As a branch representative, you are never alone. We provide on-call support. Plus, we communicate through email, too. To help you understand the results our specialised tools produce, we discuss scenarios through email with you. Then, you know how to communicate with your client.

Meeting Customer Needs Conclusion

By meeting customer needs, you ensure your success as a Mortgage House branch representative. We equip you with the tools you need to maximise returns and minimise risk. For more information, contact our team or pre-register your company online.

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