06 Apr 2021

Market Leading Innovation: Offering Diverse Financial Products and Calculators

Market Leading Innovation: Offering Diverse Financial Products and Calculators


Lending institutions always sought to minimise risk and maximise reward. In the past, this meant leaving opportunities on the table due to time constraints. Mortgage House has been on the forefront of leading innovation in the lending market, which we share with our brand representatives. Learn more about our partner offerings.

Specialised Tools

The days of the documentation and verification paper stacks are almost gone. Original documents still have a place in today’s lending market, but not during the processing phase. Our specialised tools are powered by technology, software and the internet. Plus, they are secure. Mortgage House clients already enjoy online calculators such as the home loan calculator. Your clients can, too, and more. By switching your clients to our lending tools, credit checks are completed automatically instead of separately. This feature is standard and built-in to our platform.

Consolidation Opportunities

Since loan applicants use our specialised tools to submit their forms online, the software spots consolidation opportunities. As the algorithms work their magic, the software identifies additional instances to increase borrowing power. Improving existing financial conditions for clients is the overriding purpose of our innovation. By offering competitive rates, monthly repayments are less stressful. Consolidating products eases a client’s financial burden and increases your business while still managing risk.

Streamlined Process

Successful partnerships benefit all parties. Mortgage House branch representatives see a growth in their business thanks to our streamlined process. Loan processing now takes place online. There are still off-line tasks, but the bulk occurs over the internet. Your clients upload their forms and documents. Then, you retrieve them in a timely manner, which quickens the procedure. A layer of security protects all documents and personal information, and your staff is free to acquire more applicants.

Market Leading Innovation Conclusion

Your company can gain access to our Mortgage House market leading innovation tools, too. To become a branch representative, contact our team or pre-register online.

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