28 Jun 2021

Is It Better to Get a Mortgage from a Bank or a Non-Bank?

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In Australia, 10 banks hold well above the majority of the market’s mortgages. Nonetheless, banks are adjusting to the demands of consumers. Consumers are increasingly seeking innovation, transparency, and flexibility. Banks are beholden to their shareholders who have a financial stake in the business. They can’t cross policy lines because it throws their system into disarray. Non-bank lenders, such as Mortgage House, are privately-owned and free to offer forward-thinking home loans.

A mortgage from a non-bank lender will be competitive for well-qualified applicants and those with some blemishes on their credit reports. We have the wiggle room to color outside the lines because our business model holds us to those standards.

We offer an array of mortgage products that go beyond the 30-year fixed-rate home loan and variable home loan. We offer bridging loans, construction loans, and portable loans. Additionally, we help link offset accounts and toggle accounts to offset payments toward the interest rate charge.

Our loan specialists look over an applicant’s current financial situation and goals. If one financial product isn’t the best fit, we take a look at our hybrid products to find the best match.

Mortgage from a Non-bank Conclusion

As a non-bank lender, we believe that a mortgage from a non-bank is a homebuyer’s best option. For the last several decades, Mortgage House has kept up with lending trends and created new ones. Our innovative tools allow us to give every application the attention it deserves and offer out-of-the-box financial products including a car loan. To get started, contact our loan specialists. 

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