09 Mar 2021

How do you qualify for a mortgage?

How do you qualify for a mortgage?


Now that we know that a mortgage is how you pay for the home and that you get it from a bank, it is important to know what the bank expects of you when you apply for the mortgage. What does the bank have to know about you to qualify? 


Not just anyone can get a mortgage. It is first important to have good credit. The mortgage company will want to know that you pay your bills on time. The mortgage company will run your credit to make sure of this. The mortgage company is making a significant investment in the home and wants to know that its investment will be paid back. Therefore, your history of paying bills is crucial to getting a mortgage. 


The mortgage company will also want to know that you have the income to pay the mortgage. Again, with such a significant investment, the mortgage company will want to insure that it is not loaning the money to someone who has no income to afford the monthly payments. It will be necessary to prove your income. It will also be necessary to prove employment. 


Banks and other mortgage companies issue mortgages to qualified home buyers so that anyone who qualifies can purchase a home. You must qualify for this purchase. Qualifying requires having good credit, having good income and having a good job. If you meet these qualifications, you should be able to go to a mortgage provider to purchase a home.


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