08 May 2021

How Do I Become a Loan Officer with no Experience?

There are several paths toward gainful employment in the lending and financial world. One is to become a loan officer with a bank or non-bank lending institution like Mortgage House. It is possible to become a loan officer with no experience. Here are three things to know about getting started on the loan officer career path.


Applicants must possess a higher education degree in finance, business, or accounting. The education you gain at a higher education institution helps you hit the ground running on the first day of your new job. There is on-the-job training, but the focus is to understand your new employer’s company culture and way of doing things such as processing loans. 


Loan officers must be licensed. As a loan officer with no experience, you’re walking into the career on the entry-level status. You’ll have some leeway, but it’s best to take care of the licensing requirement as soon as possible. Some employers only hire entry-level officers who have already fulfilled their licensing requirements.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission oversees accreditation. Complete the educational requirements and you’re on your way to fully begin your new career. 


Even though you don’t have professional experience as a loan officer, your skills can help you land an entry-level job. Essential skills for loan officers include communication, marketing, and time management. Once you gain clients, you must transition seamlessly from one file to another without skipping a beat. 

During an interview, demonstrate that you can handle the demands, stress, and expectations of dealing with applicants trying to procure financing to purchase their dream home. Sometimes a homeowner needs to attain a business loan, too. 

Loan Office with No Experience Conclusion

It is possible to become a loan officer with no experience. You’ll go into the position at an entry-level status and work your way up the ranks. We help our Mortgage House loan officers succeed by providing a forward-thinking and innovative environment. 

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